Website Design Questionnaire
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Feel free to bypass questions that may not apply or aren't relevant, however the more information you're able to provide, the better we'll be able to serve you. Our aim is to create a digital product that furthers your goals while meeting specific needs & expectations (such as timeline, content sensitivity, and digital security).

After you've completed this questionnaire, our team will thoroughly review your answers and follow-up with our service agreement, price estimates, and statement of work for the website project.

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(i.e Director, Owner, Manager, Creator, etc)
(i.e Vending, Sourcing, Supplying, Developing, Engineering, Manufacturing, Auditing, Educating, Legal etc)
(i.e Industry, Type, Company Size, Growth Rate, Mission, Cause etc)
Be specific about who you hope to reach or attract with your website and service offerings. Help us understand who would be/are the ideal customer(s) by detailing how they will use web service. We'd also like to know what kind of feedback you or the organization has received from past customers/audience.
If there are any reasons the organization is restricted geographically, or limited due to location, please elaborate.
i.e Wix, GoDaddy, SquareSpace, Google, Third-Party, etc
If there is a physical catalog of services please specify. Otherwise, simply list products by type or group.
Please identify websites for organizations that are BOTH different and similar to yours. Include the URL if possible.
i.e. Provide similar products, services, content or experiences?
If not, please provide details concerning brand, fonts, marketing, general layout, design and color scheme
Please note: High Resolution images may be required due to formatting and display constraints.
Please note: developing brand materials may be requested as an added expense.
We will require digital versions to be sent by email, cloud or ftp
Please note: purchasing and securing stock video and images may be requested as an added expense
Email, Cloud, and FTP are preferred. Be sure to have access to social media accounts for integration purposes.
Some clients prepare outlines or style guides to help facilitate the design process. If you already have a website, please explain any special circumstances pertaining to the content or scope of the project.